Irish Presentations APRIL 14th

Finding Your Scots-Irish Ancestors

In this presentation, Fintan Mullan of the Ulster Historical Foundation, gives a comprehensive overview of researching Ulster (Scots-Irish) ancestors. 

Finding 17th Century Families in Ireland


This presentation by Fintan Mullan, will look at those sources which can throw light on families in the seventeenth century. It identifies documents relating to the Plantation period (1610–41) and also considers sources from the second half of the seventeenth century, such as hearth money rolls, the Civil Survey and poll books, which are of use to genealogists. 

Using Irish Church Records for Genealogy


This presentation, by Gillian Hunt, will look at the records available for main religious denominations in Ireland and how their varied histories have affected the types of records which exist. We will examine baptismal, marriage and burial registers and will focus on where these records are held and how to access them.

Irish Land Records

In this presentation, Chris Paton takes a look at the potential to be found within Irish land records. Amongst documents of ownership and tenancy, valuation and tithes records, documents for inheritance, censuses, and many other resources, there are ancestral stories lying dormant and waiting to be found.

Preparing for a Genealogy Trip to Ireland

This presentation by Donna Moughty will get you prepared for your time in the archives or for  your consultation appointments with the genealogists in Ireland. 

Finding Women in Irish Records

Fiona Fitzsmons will assist you in finding your female Irish ancestors and building their stories by using various records 



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