Frequently Asked Questions

Cruise FAQs


1 Is there a payment plan?

Yes! Terri will happily work out a payment plan with you. A 20% deposit is required at booking and the final balance needs to be paid by Feb 1 2019. How you work that out can be as individual as you are

2 Do the cruise fees include gratuities? 

Yes! Fees are all inclusive (gratuities and taxes!) 

3 Can I get travel insurance?

Yes! Terri will discuss this with you when you book. 

4 Can I book my cruise through another agent or on my own?

Of course you can! However, the Celtic Genealogy Cruise is a package deal. If you book on your own, you won’t get access to the pre-tour conference, the onsite consultations, the research opportunities, the special shore excursions, or the onboard entertainment that is just for the group

5 How much are the consultation fees with the professional genealogists in Ireland and Scotland? 

In Dublin, consultation fees are €45 for 30 minutes. In Belfast and Scotland, consultation fees are £40 for 30 minutes. 

6 How much will the shore excursions be?

Again we are still working on this but each one will be roughly £150. For researchers, this will include your daily research fees as well as transportation to the research facilities. For non researchers, fees will include any entrance fees

7 I am traveling alone. Can you find me a cabin mate?

 We are not able to provide this service, but in the Facebook Group, we have a list for you to add your name to in hopes of finding your own roomie. Please be aware we can not be responsible or liable if you and your cabin mate run into problems and will not be able to switch cabins or find you a new room mate.